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Default My Warner Bros Studio Store Art Grail

I saw this piece a few weeks ago on Ebay and followed it, never thinking that I would win the auction. I loved this piece when I first saw it almost 20 years ago at the Warner Bros Studio Store (which those of us who are old enough to remember them loved them). I would occasionally see it on Ebay every now and then but it was way to expensive. A seller had this up for auction and did not have a reserve set on it at all, so I believe the bidding began at $1. When the auction was in the last 15 seconds, the highest bid was $150 and I threw in a max of $200. I ended up wining this piece for $152, plus around $25 shipping and insurance (that seller had to be majorly P.O.'d that the piece went for so low and I actually felt bad for him but at the same time I was thrilled I won it). If I never purchased another thing on Ebay (well, at least for a few months anyway) I would be satisfied. Anyway, enough babbling, here are a few pics

Now that I have Alex Ross's Justice Society print, I would love to find the Legion of Super Heroes print he did but I have the feeling that my Ebay bidding luck would not strike twice.

Hoping for a Phase 6 with FS Statues of the following

  • Moondragon
  • Mantis
  • Wonder Man (in the Perez Designed costume)
  • Havok (need a new one in his classic costume because the existing one is too expensive on Ebay)
  • The Red Guardian (The Defenders member-this one is a longshot)
  • and a REALLY GOOD Phoenix Museum pose

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