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Default in the market for a DLSR

not a lot of action in this section so I'm reviving it

I do have my old Canon PowerShot, but I'd like to get something that will get me better results
'cause of guys like Insomniac, HoldyourfireAl, Blindzider, Hellsbells51 and others that take amazing pictures of your statues

I'm starting to check out DLSR's in the second hand market (can be 1-2-3 years old) and I would like to acquire one that I wont "outgrow", but no need for a top-of-the-line-professional-setup...
what should I look for besides a high pixel sensor?!? I dont need WiFi

this will be primarily for shooting statues, and secondly I will find other uses and start really getting into it

what kind of DLSR (or even mirrorless) you guys have?
do you use closeup filters?
any specific lens or macro lens?
are they all taken with a stand?
can you achieve good quality pics without expensive lighting?

I was a professional Photoshop Jedi before being a welder, so I'm not scared of taking the dive into this new 'realm', I used to work in a studio that had their own photo dep., they only used Canon, so I'm kind of sold on Canon lol

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