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Originally Posted by jesterkiller View Post
I love that Harley Quinn. Which one is that?
Thanks! It is the new 52 Harley costume by DC collectibles. I'm usually not a big fan of changing costumes, but this one really appeals to me... perhaps it's the LACK of clothing on Harley...

Originally Posted by Smashdaddy View Post
Batman vs. Croc is alway impressive...! Great pic...!
Thank you sir!

Originally Posted by REL View Post
I know we have some people here with some legit DC collections. Thanks for sharing yours. That is a great shot.

Did you order the Superman vs statue?
Thanks for your compliment! No I didn't order the supes, but it might be worth looking into.

Originally Posted by immortality20 View Post
Wish I would of bought that Harley when it was around $100, now you can't find it for under $200 on the after market. Now I learned to get those quick. Love the Catwoman statue too, and of course Bats vs Croc is just awesome.
Thank you! Wow, I didn't know that's how much she goes for nowadays.

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