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I agree with the sentiments expressed in the article, that Cap is about the good ideals that America stands for. Sadly, there is a segment of society that doesn't see much good about America and her history as they have chosen to focus on the negative parts of our past (which certainly exists, but not in a vacuum apart from the good).

Not everyone is a good writer for Cap and can write his without being either too overtly political or portraying him as such a good guy that he's either corny or a overly righteous jerk.

I recall liking Brubaker's Cap whose few political statements were pretty decent (I loved his anti-Ultimates Cap positive comments about the bravery of the WWII resistance French). Bunn's Cap run was brief and Cap was more action hero than anything else. Remender IMHO didn't get Cap and I think it really hurt his run. I haven't read Richard Spencer's fascist Cap run yet. I'm kind of dreading it to be honest but I'll read though it eventually.
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