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Well, even though I do wish the young X-Men would go back to there timeline (or some timeline) I have been enjoying that title. What I am not pleased about is the fact that now we have Wolverine's son from another earth and a young vampire Storm from another earth as well.
I would have rather just had the 5 X-Men with some supporting characters and not a bunch of otherworldly X-Men variants.

Hoping for a Phase 6 with FS Statues of the following

  • Moondragon
  • Mantis
  • Wonder Man (in the Perez Designed costume)
  • Havok (need a new one in his classic costume because the existing one is too expensive on Ebay)
  • The Red Guardian (The Defenders member-this one is a longshot)
  • and a REALLY GOOD Phoenix Museum pose
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