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Originally Posted by impossiblepie View Post
is there enough clearance on that shelf? looks really nice but I'd be afraid they would fall off!
Believe it or not, yes - there is...! What can't be seen from the photo is that there's a raised edge on the front end - so if you scooted the MB's forward they would be stopped by that ledge and couldn't go any further.

I keep looking for similar shelves but I can find them. This particular shelf is several years old, so we can't even remember where it came from in the first place. So...the search continues.

However, Bezzerkker posted some photos of some heavy duty flat shelves that I really like that I am considering for full size statues if I can't get a display case that I have in mind.

Originally Posted by impossiblepie View Post
how about a few new photos of the entire room?
Ha! I wish - but the "other" side of the room is like a war zone except for what's on the wall. Someday....thanks for asking though

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