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Originally Posted by HoldyourfireAl View Post
Hey! I've heard of Atomik Comiks!

I wonder if Randy will ever share his designs for the abandoned Thor & Iron Man bronzes? I believe the original Carl Surges Iron Man was going to be the bronze one. Is that true? What did these 3 originally retail for back then?
Most excellent!....I hope! I heard Surges was involved myself. Makes me think it would have resembled the first full-size which would have been just fine with me. The Thor pose I imagined would have been ala JIM cover #83 or #89. Kirby Rocked! They solicited them about three months apart in Previews with a retail of $2200 if I recall correctly. Here's a true story. Diamond put out a weekly liquidation list back in 97, with product and # available. Two months after the Spider-Man bronze shipped lo and behold one Wednesday 1 appeared on the list available from the Atlanta warehouse. $900! I called my account rep immediately but it was too late. Sold instantly. Not surprised one bit. It is too
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