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Originally Posted by Willie Lumpkin View Post
Salutations to all! Al has asked me to give a quick explanation as to how in the world I acquired these. I am living my lifelong dream of owning my own comic shop. I opened Atomik Comiks in Johnson City Tennesse in 1990 after working for another comic shop for a coupla years. I have read and collected since 1971 and have no plans of ever stopping. I Love Marvel and DC's characters and always will so when I saw these offered in Previews and I was already doing the mini-busts as well as a few full size from Bowen it was on. When Diamond solicited these I immediately planned on cutting corners to somehow afford them. They were $1500 with my Diamond discount. So my Directv, DVD buying, video gaming (I had an N64 and haven't bought another system since) all came to a screeching halt. As well as eating Ramon noodles and Albacore tuna for a year straight. I kid thee not. My customers came to call me Namor as they saw me eating my can of tuna for lunch daily for roughly a complete year. I remember reading Randy had scratched the planned Iron Man and Thor Bronze and was conflicted on my feelings. Was I happy or sad? I got my tv back and was able to watch the Red Sox on NESN and I believe it was over a year before I ate tuna again. I have kept collecting the mini-bust line but have had to sell my other full-sizes due to space and the economic crunch. Near complete on the mini-bust line only missing cube base Sasquatch and blinding chrome Nova. Thanks folks for humoring me on this diatribe and sorry if anyone was bored or annoyed by my long windedness. Al and Jack have put together the best site ever for the Bowen fanatic (everyone should be as his renditions look as if they lept off the printed page) and for that I am thankful as well as the general respect and courtesy shown from one member to another here. As Tiny Tim said "God Bless us everyone!" and Bestest Wishes to all.
Hey! I've heard of Atomik Comiks!

I wonder if Randy will ever share his designs for the abandoned Thor & Iron Man bronzes? I believe the original Carl Surges Iron Man was going to be the bronze one. Is that true? What did these 3 originally retail for back then?

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