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I liked the first 2-hour Inhumans installment, but it was obviously the IMAX presentation that was in theatres a while back and I really wonder if they'll keep up that level of production quality for TV. Of course I forgot to catch the second episode last Friday, so I hope I can view it on ABC's website or somewhere else this week before the next episode hits.
As far as The Gifted, I tried watching it, but I just couldn't get through the first half-hour. It's so obviously targeted at a young audience and just reminded me too much of all the "young adult" fare that's out there in the past few years like "Hunger Games" and "Maze Runner". All teen-aged angst, but very light on good writing or a compelling plot. The whole "hunted" thing is just done to death. It seemed like they had some decent character concepts and powers. I'm sure it will appeal to X-Men fans who are well familiar with the comics much more than non-fans watching it cold, but unfortunately to me it felt like I'd seen this same thing a million times already.
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