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Originally Posted by Vecchio1 View Post
Almost there. Well done so far!!
Thanks! Very eager to be finished.

Originally Posted by leadin2 View Post
Nice! I think the shade of green matches well with your floor tiles.
By any chance did you do a time lapse video of the renovation process?
Sadly no, but I did try to take progress shots from the same angles. When I'm done maybe I'll do an animated gif or before/after comparisons.

Originally Posted by Mister H View Post
Love the dark floors. Is that a secret passage way in the second pic?
It is. Just a little cuby hole really. During the construction I discovered the space and put the access way in "just in case". Because the space is on the exterior of the house, nothing valuable can really go out there due to humidity and temperatures. Unfortunately, I also didn't make the door the right size (doh) so it doesn't close. Redoing that is on the list but not a priority right now.

Originally Posted by HedgeHog View Post
Wow, lots of work, Blindzider! Looks fab. Great choice of colours. I have to agree with the matte paint, shiny is distracting. Looking forward to seeing the ends results. Slowly but surely.
In the next few weeks, I'll throw up a few pics of various stuff as I put them up. Tune in next week!

Originally Posted by mmk123 View Post
I am just waiting for the unveiling of the statue shelves
That'll be the last thing to reveal unfortunately. I'm going to have to make these framed acrylic windows that are going to be pretty expensive and I'm still not sure how I'm going to do it yet.

But I must say, ripping down the plastic covering and turning on the lights to see all of my statues again was thrilling.

Couple quick pics of some new display stuff:

I had all this miscellaneous BD stuff and just put it into a shadow box. It's on the wall to the right of the Marvel sign. Apologies for the very noisy/grainy iphone pic.

Bowen Designs Memorabilia
by Blindzider Photography, on Flickr

I've been trying to figure out a way to get the BD logo up and came up with this T-Shirt in a shadow box. Came out pretty well, if I do say so myself.

Bowen Designs T-Shirt Logo
by Blindzider Photography, on Flickr

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