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1969 Marvelmania Captain America Pinback, 1966 Marx Captain America License Plate, 1966 Marvel Comics Group Vending Machine Prizes: Captain America Rubber Figure & Captain America "Flexi-Ring", 1966 Removable Head Ring of Captain America

I decided to redo this shadow box because the Rubber Captain America figure was not staying in place like I would've liked - so I changed the background, placed Cap into something that could hang easier, and added the 1966 Pinback that I've had for some time now. Figured it would be worth getting all of the 60's stuff into one shadow box frame.

From looking at this though, I wish I would've used a different background color. Also, I'm not all the excited about Cap Rubber figure in the card holder, but it works for now. Ah well - may in a few months...

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