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Originally Posted by Smashdaddy View Post
BTW Wayne - thanks for this. The shelves have a 5.75" depth - which is plenty of room for some of the larger busts I want to have on there. I'm considering this for all of my Villains.

My only fear is that I'm going for the 48" long shelf. I wonder about the weight of MB's across the entire shelving unit. It's held onto the wall with hanging screws - which I've worked with before. But - we'll see....
Originally Posted by Blindzider View Post
I've thought about using those myself for busts but I'm really worried about the weight too. Even if you drill into studs, all of the weight is on the edge of the screw head and the thickness of the shelf material. But I'm a worrier so what do I know?
Simple and very effective solution to that problem guys.
Use the largest toggle bolts possible and you can put as much weight as you want on those shelves as long as the attachment point on the back of the shelf is sturdy.
I'd probably add a steel washer to the bolt head for more surface area at the attachment point if there's room.

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