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Originally Posted by TrueFaith View Post
Home Decorators (an online division of Home Depot) has quite a few of those "floating shelves" available in various lengths, Ken.
I've bought a few things from them (including my curio cabinet) and have been very satisfied with their quality and service:

Euro Floating Wall Shelf - Wall Shelf - Wall Decor - Display Shelves |
BTW Wayne - thanks for this. The shelves have a 5.75" depth - which is plenty of room for some of the larger busts I want to have on there. I'm considering this for all of my Villains.

My only fear is that I'm going for the 48" long shelf. I wonder about the weight of MB's across the entire shelving unit. It's held onto the wall with hanging screws - which I've worked with before. But - we'll see....

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