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Originally Posted by REL View Post
Ah, sounds like that might be a nice way to meet Mr. Ross. That's too bad it's a bit further from you though. I would love to tour the Norman Rockwell museum one day. Growing up we had a very large art book of his work in our living room and I've always admired what he created. The Four Freedoms prints are outstanding.
It's a great museum. It's situated in the tiny town of Stockbridge, MA in the Berkshire Mountains where Rockwell lived when he did his most famous paintings. His studio was in the same building as the "Alice's Restaurant" that Arlo Guthrie made famous in his song. It's only about an hour drive from me, so I've been there a few times, not just when the Alex Ross exhibit is up.
They have the originals of many of Rockwell's Post covers and most well-known paintings (including the Four Freedoms) and it's really quite overwhelming to see them all together and up close. The influence he had on Alex Ross' work becomes very apparent as you walk among all those great illustrations and paintings. It's easy to see why he comes back every year.
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