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Truefaith, Alex Ross is going to be at the Norman Rockwell museum in April if you would like him to sign something.

I have the Kirby Cap print Ross did. And a couple other Ross Cap prints. I think $100 is the most I've spent on a Ross print so far. These will set me back about $75 (plus shipping) each with my points I am using. That's pretty fair.

As far as prices for prints go, Tyler Stout has some huge prices for his Avengers and Cap prints. Many of his other prints are expensive as well. I think the rise in prices is in part due to the bigger interest in people buying and collecting art prints, the greater popularity of superheroes and the corresponding broader social acceptance of people having comic related things as a hobby.

I mean, look at the crazy prices new Sideshow statues are going for. I'm pretty much priced out of collecting with $500 statues as the norm. #BringBackBowen
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