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Originally Posted by TrueFaith View Post
I'm really liking many of these "New 52" busts. My only complaint is that I think the base design could have been a little better thought out. Not really a fan of the "ring" types of bases.
Other than that though, the sculpts themselves are a step above what we've come to expect from DC Collectables and the paint apps are a huge improvement over some of the products we've seen before (I'm looking at YOU Blackest Night busts. )
It's strange how fast they've been rising in price with so large an edition size. While easily had for $50 on release, some of the earlier releases are already flirting with $200 on the aftermarket. I'm thinking collectors looking to complete a Justice League collection with the original releases of the "trinity" are having a more than expected difficult time of it.
I have the Green Lantern and Aquaman. I am certainly NOT the biggest Aquaman fan, but the bust is just so well done for the price I couldn't imagine any reason NOT to add it to my collection. That's one hell of a lot of bust for a measly $50.

that is a fantastic looking bust of Aquaman. I do have the DC Icons statue of him and that is also a great looking piece.

I have owned a number of DC busts over the years (the only one that I own now is Phantom Lady) and it seems that with the bases of the DC busts that they either nail it down completely or they totally miss the mark.

Hoping for a Phase 6 with FS Statues of the following

  • Moondragon
  • Mantis
  • Wonder Man (in the Perez Designed costume)
  • Havok (need a new one in his classic costume because the existing one is too expensive on Ebay)
  • The Red Guardian (The Defenders member-this one is a longshot)
  • and a REALLY GOOD Phoenix Museum pose
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