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I'm really liking many of these "New 52" busts. My only complaint is that I think the base design could have been a little better thought out. Not really a fan of the "ring" types of bases.
Other than that though, the sculpts themselves are a step above what we've come to expect from DC Collectables and the paint apps are a huge improvement over some of the products we've seen before (I'm looking at YOU Blackest Night busts. )
It's strange how fast they've been rising in price with so large an edition size. While easily had for $50 on release, some of the earlier releases are already flirting with $200 on the aftermarket. I'm thinking collectors looking to complete a Justice League collection with the original releases of the "trinity" are having a more than expected difficult time of it.
I have the Green Lantern and Aquaman. I am certainly NOT the biggest Aquaman fan, but the bust is just so well done for the price I couldn't imagine any reason NOT to add it to my collection. That's one hell of a lot of bust for a measly $50.

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