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JONNYBRAVO December 16th, 2014 11:40:06 PM

Horizon Wolverine 1/6 scale vinyl kit W.I.P.
So I finally decided to get back on the horse and re-start this kit. Its a 1/6 scale Wolverine released by Horizon models and sculpted by Clay Moore. This actually remained one of my favorite full body Wolverine sculpts until I saw Randy Bowen's museum sculpts. I actually first laid eyes on this kit back in the summer of 93' I was at a comic shop in Honolulu and was looking around I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this kit, they actually had a build/paint up in the glass case, which was for sale for $175, it may have well been $1,000,000. But the guy running the shop said they have one left of the kit still available for $30, since my birthday was a month or so away, my mom said I could have it as a present, but she would keep it wrapped until my birthday. I agreed, and just like that the guy says that these models are meant more for adults and that trimming the excess vinyl on the parts can be dangerous for younger modelers.
I was 10 at the time, but thought if anything my uncle could help me with the trimming. By then, my mom decided to hold off getting it and that "we can get it later". I never saw another one of those kits for almost 10 years. One of my friends belonging to one of the islands larger model clubs found one for me, I picked it up and kept in my collection until last year where I decided to start it I trimmed the parts and meticulously took care of all the air bubbles, and filled the legs and upper body with lightweight plaster. I then was able to pick up one of the beyond rare "solid" versions of this kit, which is nearly impossible to find.
I then put this kit's build on hold, now I'm thinking I may just build the resin version. this sat in my closet until last month. I took some vacation time and was going through some stuff and found this. I decided to finally start/finish this kit, last week I gave the whole kit a light sanding with 1500 grit sandpaper and shot it with a coat of tamiya fine grey primer. I will be painting him in a more traditional 90s scheme, using a bright yellow,darker blues for the gloves, boots and shorts. i will be painting the shoulder pads in a dark metallic blue, and the mask ears, and stripes will be in black. I'll be using Tamiya, and Delta Ceramcoat acrylics and sealing it in testors flat lacquer. I still have a Moebius Frankenstein I'm putting the finishing touches on, then I will begin laying on the colors on this bad boy.

Tarasadies December 17th, 2014 12:14:02 AM

Looking forward to seeing the finished product, thanks for sharing...

leadin2 December 17th, 2014 08:09:05 AM

A great start! :)
Let's see more progress pics soon.

skorpsta February 2nd, 2015 02:25:30 PM

looks great

srallives February 6th, 2015 06:30:54 AM

Awesome kit. Please do share your progress. I have this kit but as I have never done a vinyl kit before I have been too scared to start.

Don Bohm February 6th, 2015 10:12:24 PM

Right on! I had this once. Never built it and I have no idea where it is. Do you know who sculpted it?

JONNYBRAVO February 7th, 2015 02:39:56 AM


Originally Posted by Don Bohm (Post 611059)
Right on! I had this once. Never built it and I have no idea where it is. Do you know who sculpted it?

Thanks for the kind words guys, hoping to get back to this build some time this week, been working 6 day weeks lately and haven't had the time to get any painting done, I got a 2-day off stretch coming up next week so hoping I can lay out the yellow base coats for Wolvie's costume and flesh tones on Wolvie's arms sometime this week.

Don, this kit is sculpted by Clay Moore, IMHO its one of the finest full body sculpts of the ol' canucklehead out there, next to Randy's museum and action sculpts.

Srallives I know exactly how you feel! I've had this kit since 2002, and only started last year. It took me a LONG time to track this kit down, I even remember writing to hobby shops in the mainland for this kit without success, so I was afraid to screw this one up.X_X The only part that's a little spooky with these kits are when your trimming the excess vinyl off the parts. But with a little patience, a sharp X-acto, and a hair dryer for heating up the parts, you'll be fine! I would strongly recommend you filling at least the legs on this kit with plaster, for stability due to the pose. As soon as I get my base coats applied, I'll be posting more pics. Thanks again guys, JB

JONNYBRAVO May 25th, 2015 04:05:17 PM

So....finally got the time to do some work to this guy, laid out the base flesh tone, a mix of Delta Ceramcoat medium and hi-lite flesh) and did some shading, mixing in Delta Ceramcoat burnt umber and a couple of drops of maroon. My phone's camera pictures are'nt as good as I hoped, the flesh tones appear much more mauve than they really are. This was all shot through my tried and true Badger 200 airbrush. I'll be mixing the yellows and blues tonight and will hopefully be able to lay those out tomorrow. Being that I'm sticking to a real 90s version of Wolvie's costume, I'll be using slightly darker blues for his gloves, boots and trunks. I'll be using Tamiya metallic blue for his shoulder pads, to make them pop. I'm only debating on whether or not to paint his mask ears and stripes the same blue as his gloves/boots/trunks, or keep them the traditional black. Thanks again for looking!, JB

Overkill93 May 25th, 2015 06:03:03 PM

Good work I don't see any brush marks lol

skorpsta May 27th, 2015 02:17:16 PM

looks great!!

JONNYBRAVO May 28th, 2015 12:06:56 AM

Thanks guys! I was able to mix my base colors and lay out base coats on Wolvie's gloves. boots and lower body. I'm really happy with the initial base colors, I thought I'd have to do more mixing to get it right, but everything came out just as I had it pictured. I'll base coat the upper body after I mask up the face portion I just painted. The gloves and boots are base coated in a mix of Delta Ceramcoat Navy blue and opaque blues, and the legs/lower half is base coated in straight Delta Ceramcoat opaque yellow. I'll be adding shading very soon, for the blues I'll be adding a bit more navy blue and a few drops of black. and on the yellow portion I'll be mixing the opaque yellow with Delta goldenrod and a few drops of scarlet red to the standard opaque yellow. Thanks again for looking! JB

vwstobbe May 28th, 2015 05:53:04 PM

Fantastic updates! It's a really great sculpt and you're doing a phenomenal job painting from the pics so far. Anticipating more pics.

JONNYBRAVO May 30th, 2015 03:55:32 AM


Originally Posted by vwstobbe (Post 618516)
Fantastic updates! It's a really great sculpt and you're doing a phenomenal job painting from the pics so far. Anticipating more pics.

Thanks Chris! hoping to get more done Sunday, I'll be posting pics after the next batch of airbrushing:-bd

JONNYBRAVO June 1st, 2015 01:57:31 AM

Got the shoulder pads done today, it took me a bit longer than I expected, but the results are worth it. I was going to spray the shoulder pads straight Tamiya racing blue, but after doing a test run on a plastic spoon found out that the blue came out a lot lighter than the cap indicated. I mixed a gunmetal base coat using Tamiya Chrome silver, aluminium, and black, laid out a base coat, then decanted the Tamiya racing blue into an airbrush jar and shot 3 coats of racing blue over my gunmetal base. The results were exactly waht I wanted, I waited for the paint to dry a little then shot 2 coats of Tamiya crystal gloss clear, giving the shoulder pads a vibrant glass like finish. I'm hoping to get more done tomorrow. Thanks again for looking, JB

vwstobbe June 1st, 2015 11:35:29 PM

That's looking so awesome. Did you decide on classic black face mask and tiger stripes or a potential blue you were considering?

JONNYBRAVO June 2nd, 2015 02:53:40 PM


Originally Posted by vwstobbe (Post 618786)
That's looking so awesome. Did you decide on classic black face mask and tiger stripes or a potential blue you were considering?

Thanks Chris, I'm leaning more toward the classic black mask and stripes. I kinda wanted to make the kit as close to the box art as possible, and I would have had some fun shading in the face area of the mask with different dark blues, but the black would have a nice contrast with the dark blue gloves shoulder pads and boots, besides, I always preferred the black mask and stripes myself.

vwstobbe June 2nd, 2015 03:24:58 PM

Cool. I like the classic color scheme myself. Are you going to track down the brown suit horizon kit as well?

JONNYBRAVO June 4th, 2015 01:17:05 AM

Good question, this is one of the first things I got on ebay back when I first opened my account in 2005. I was hoping to work on my 1/4 scale Bowen/Polar Lights Wolf Man kit after this is finished, but I think I may build this kit next. This is a great sculpt in itself, and I actually prefer the brown/gold costume over the blue/yellow costume, but the Moore sculpt on this 90s Wolvie is just superior IMHO.

vwstobbe June 4th, 2015 03:05:57 AM

Lol. I had a hunch. Look forward to seeing more of your work. Hope life is treating you well and you get a little time to work on these.

JONNYBRAVO June 15th, 2015 12:44:21 AM

Finally was able to do some shading on the gloves, boots and lower body half, also painted the mouth on Wolvie's upper body. The shading on the blues is hard to see via my phone pics, but they look great in person. I'm waiting on some bare metal foil I ordered to mask off the mouth area so I can start to base coat and shade the upper body as well, and finally masking off to paint the stripes and mask ears black. My local hobby shop is currently sold out of bare metal foil so I had to order it via ebay. I'll also be using one of the vinyl kit claws as a master to make styrene claws for this, because the vinyl claws will end up sagging over time. Will be posting pics after the next round of painting. thanks for looking!, JB

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