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  1. The Incredible Hulk by Ernie Chan
  2. The Incredible Hulk by Ernie Chan
  3. The Incredible Hulk by Jeff Wamester
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  11. Cable from X-Men by Paul Wisden
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  14. The Joker and Harley Quinn by Shelton Bryant
  15. Ebay Commission work...woot
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  17. Jocasta by ?
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  19. X-Men Archives ECC exclusive promo
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  22. NOVA (Richard Rider) by George Perez
  23. The Incredible Hulk vs Doctor Octopus by Jeff Knott
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  30. Omega Red by Adriano Carreon
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  47. Iron Man by Chris Stevens
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  50. Green Lantern by Ethan Van Sciver
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  53. Star Wars Galaxy Series 5
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  55. Fantastic Four #1 Watercolor cover recreation by Uminga
  56. Hulk vs. Iron Man by ?
  57. Hulk vs. Silver Surfer by Joe Sinnott!
  58. Juggernaut by Jimie Biggs
  59. Great new cards on eBay!
  60. The Punisher by Chris Mason
  61. Wolverine by Rob Reilly
  62. Spider-Man Archives Trading Cards & Collector Album
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  64. Joker by Chris Uminga
  65. Dawn 20th Anniversary Cards
  66. Sue Storm by Joe Eisma
  67. Hulk vs Zzaxx by Herb Trimpe
  68. Happy 86th Dad!
  69. Neal's gonna hate me now!
  70. Iron Man by Wayne Nichols
  71. Tony Perna's X-Men Archives sketch cards!!
  72. New art coming -- WIP
  73. Phoenix Rising by Gene Gonzalez
  74. When a commision comes out...wrong?
  75. The Crow by Chris Mason
  76. Stormtrooper by Chris Mason
  77. The Fantastic Four by Christopher Uminga
  78. My Dallas Comic Con Sketches
  79. Rocket's Art Thread w/updates!!
  80. MegaCon MiniCon 2009
  81. Why don't more artists at cons...
  82. Colossus Sketch Card from X-Men Archives
  83. Hulk Vs Thor by Chris Stevens
  84. Marvel 70th Anniversary set
  85. World War Hulk Recreation by Patrick Tuller
  86. Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards
  87. Black Cat by Chris Stevens!
  88. My Boston Comic Con Pick-ups!
  89. ORIGINAL COMIC ART: The Incredible Hulk 226
  90. I Got A Big Surprise In The Mail Today
  91. Colossus vs The Juggernaut by Ron Lim
  92. Planet Hulk by Chris Stevens
  93. 1990/1991 marvel cards
  94. Hulk #165 Cover Re-Creation by Thomas Cook
  95. my latest predator sketch
  96. My New Cards
  97. Planet Hulk vs Silver Savage by Ron Lim
  98. MegaCon 2010 Sketch Haul
  99. MegaCon 2010 Sketch Haul Part 2-Sibling Rivalry
  100. Elektra by Bill Sienkiewicz
  101. 1992 Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards by Joe Jusko
  102. ORIGINAL COMIC BOOK ART: Batman the Long Halloween #11 Page 15 by Tim Sale
  103. my original batman paintings and stained glass
  105. Personalized Spider-Man Wedding Cover by Sean Izaakse
  106. Phoenix and Rogue by Alex Oliver
  107. Hulk by Carlo Pagulayan
  108. My Miscellaneous Art
  109. Hawkgirl by Adam Hughes
  110. Jacen Burrows Sketch Covers From NYCC
  111. Supergirl by Tim Sale
  112. Deathstroke the Terminator by Nightwing_78
  113. Sketch Card Grading
  114. New Sketch Card
  115. ORIGINAL COMIC ART: Aliens VS Predator Comic Pages (Lots of Pics)
  116. 2 New Sketch Cards!!!!
  117. Gambit by Tony Perna
  118. Ms Marvel by Ed Benes
  119. Black Cat by Luiz Paulo
  120. M.O.D.O.K. By John Byrne
  121. Rittenhouse - Marvel Dangerous Divas
  122. ORIGINAL COMIC ART: Justice Society of America by Shelly Moldoff
  123. Gambit and Rogue Commission (spoof) by Chris Flick
  124. Some new Tim Sale pieces in...
  125. Couple of Sketches from ComicPalooza
  126. Some Stephen Platt and Spawn Covers
  127. My commissions
  128. Gambit and Rogue by Cal Slayton
  129. Phoenix by Adriano Oliveira
  130. Planet Hulk & Silver Savage by Chris Stevens
  131. ORIGINAL COMIC BOOK ART: Batman Dark Victory#8 Page 18 by Tim Sale
  132. COVER RECREATION with a Twist: The Incredible Hulk #340 by Kevin Meinert
  133. Mean Green's Comic Art Thread
  134. ORIGINAL COMIC BOOK ART: Infinity Gauntlet #4 Page 29 by Ron Lim
  135. CougarTrace Comic Art Thread
  136. Elektra by Bill Sienkiewicz
  137. Hand Colored Venom Lethal Protector #1 Artwork by Sam De La Rosa
  138. Iron Man Silver Centurion by Bob Layton
  139. Costell2's ART collection thread
  140. QUESTION: What lesser known artist do YOU want a commission from.....
  141. ADVICE: When an Artist Does Not Meet Their Commission Deadline?
  142. Some new pieces in my CAF gallery. :)
  143. Lil' Sylvie aka Silver Sable by Steven Butler
  144. New Art!
  145. QUESTION: Who Would You Hire for a Comic Book Art Comission?
  146. Boston Comic Con Pick-ups
  147. X-23 by Joe Eisma
  148. Black Queen by Tim Sale
  150. Commission Pieces By Billy Tan, Carlo Pagulayan and Tan Eng Huat
  151. What Media Do You Like for your Commissioned Comic Book Art?
  152. Batman by Bill Sienkiewicz
  153. The Walking Dead One of a Kind Prining Plate
  154. JLA by Mike McKone
  155. 3 new Sienkiewicz beauties!
  156. Vintage Batman by Tim Sale
  158. Flash & Captain Cold by Greg LaRocque
  159. Baron Karza from The Micronauts by Tim Vigil
  160. The Avengers by George Perez & Tom Smith
  161. Acroyear from The Micronauts by Michael Golden
  162. Adam Warlock by Brad Green
  163. Black Panther by Brad Green
  164. Man-Thing, Warlock and more...
  165. Moon Knight by Brad Green
  166. Nomad by Pat Olliffe
  167. Man-Thing by Brad Green
  168. Red Skull & Dr. Doom by Harvey Tolibao
  169. Batman by Tony de Zuniga
  170. Dr. Doom & "Slave Richards" by The Franchize & Peng-Peng Gaylord
  171. Wolverine vs. Deadpool by Dennis Crisostomo
  172. Batman by Harvey Tolibao
  173. Batman by Edison Filario after Simon Bianchi
  174. Batman Over San Prospero Giclee by Jim Lee
  175. Batman by Andy Lee
  176. Darth Talon by Terese Nielsen
  177. WEAPON X: FIRST CLASS - issue 1/page 1 by mark robinson
  178. WEAPON X: FIRST CLASS - issue 3/page 1 by mark robinson
  179. Batman on Gargoyle by Sienkiewicz
  180. Elektra...Assassin by Sienkiewicz
  181. Sean Murphy Punk Rock Jesus and Hellblazer pages
  182. Commissions by Philip Tan???
  183. Batman by: Stephen Yan
  184. GhostPool by: Stephen Yan
  185. The Avengers by: David K. Wong
  186. The Mighty Thor by: David K Wong
  187. Captain America by: David K Wong
  188. Sketch Card Collection of Predator31
  189. Please Post One Commission Piece per Thread
  190. Do You Collect Comic Book Trading Cards?
  191. The Incredible Hulk Commission Art by Lee Weeks
  192. AUCTION: Hulk and Thor by Walt Simonson
  193. Hulk vs Daredevil by Lee Weeks
  194. Anyone selling comic art?
  195. Black Spider-man by Andy Carreon
  196. ORIGINAL COMIC ART: Night Rider 1 Cover by Gil Kane Tom Palmer
  197. Sketch Card Collections
  198. Sketch Card collection of Cougartrace
  199. X-23 vs. Lady DeathStrike by Andy Carreon
  200. Taskmaster by Andy Carreon
  201. Modern Captain Marvel by Andy Carreon
  202. Scarlet Spider by Andy Carreon
  203. Ghost Rider Commission by Bob Budiansky
  204. Ghost Rider vs The Orb Commission by Bob Budiansky
  205. Gotham Adventures Original Art by Tim Levins
  206. Tomb of Dracula page by Gene Colan
  207. MegaCon 2013 Haul - whd
  208. JONNYBRAVO's sketch card collection
  209. Updated pics of original art..Colan,Sienkiewicz, etc.
  210. The Love I get from the family on Mothers Day
  211. Two new Sketch cards for my collection
  212. Wolverine by Rahmat Handoko
  213. Captain America by Rahmat Handoko
  214. Cable and Wolverine by Rahmat Handoko
  215. Batman vs Joker by Rahmat Handoko
  216. Brightest Day #1 p.23 by Ardian Syaf
  217. Hulk vs Wolverine by Ardian Syaf
  218. Batman and Superman by Ardian Syaf
  219. Batman by Ardian Syaf
  220. Wolverine by Keatopia
  221. Punisher and Wolverine by Ardian Syaf
  222. Wolverine vs Moonknight by David Finch
  223. Spiderman and Black Cat by Alex Lei
  224. Batman and Robin Annual #1 p.2 by Ardian Syaf
  225. Spiderman and Fantastic Four by Andie Tong
  226. Spiderman vs Ironman by Andie Tong
  227. Spiderman vs Doc Ock by Andie Tong
  228. Wolverine by Ardian Syaf
  229. Captain America and Wolverine by Mark Brooks
  230. Spiderman vs Green Goblin by Andie Tong
  231. Greg Land - Jay Leisten Star Wars Commission
  232. Back in Black unused prelim cover pencil by Angel Medina
  233. Fantastic Four - double DPS by Garrie Gastonny
  234. My Sketch Card Collection
  235. 2013 Fleer Marvel Retro cards
  236. Man of Steel by Garrie Gastonny
  237. Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema commission - an entire 30 page comic!!!
  238. Venom owns Spidey
  239. Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema commission - Bring on the Bad Guys!!!
  240. new art from Boston..Gulacy, Sale, Perez..
  241. Sketches from Fan Expo Canada 2013
  242. Framing??
  243. Mike McKone art from Nashville Comic Con
  244. New Elektra by Sienkiewicz
  245. Neal Adams Batman
  246. Link and Michelangelo by Steven Butler!!
  247. Perez Commission: B-Listers
  248. Captain America and Logan Canvas Painting
  249. Nova #12 Cover transparency
  250. Uncanny X-Men #115 last page transparency