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Got the Mole Man bust today. It is an A/P - but doesnt have a box. I will probably pick up another bust later and have the A/P finished in a Bronze look.

Also received the Bowen original Sandman statue today. This is a statue that I always wanted to get, but could never afford to buy.

But, thanks to the net and a seller in Texas I was able to finally pick one off. The box is a total mess, but I have an idea of how to remedy that. It also doesnt have the foam insert, so I will just have to make my own I think.

Regardless, I am happy to have him as part of my collection. Now I just need to find the bronze one!

I will post pics tonight.

Plan for 2014

Want to try and get 1 of the following:
Bowen Valkyrie
Bowen Painted Surfer
Bowen Batman on Gargoyle (w. box!)
Bowen Hellboy Statue

We'll see what happens!

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