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Default Sambo's Collection Blog

Figured I would start a blog about my collection and the direction I am taking it.

Not to mention it gives me some nice down town while at lunch.

When I first got into collecting statues it was a very slow process. As a poor college student I couldnt really buy all that much so I would just look at the pretty statues and think to myself 'someday'.

Well, pretty soon I was a working man married to a working women who supported my collecting. Soon enough I was buying statues left and right and my wife was surprising me with loads of busts and statues for my birthday, Christmas, ect.. It seemed like every holiday was a statue holiday.

After several years of working I finally found myself out of work. At which time I had to cancel loads of statues and resolve myself to just 'looking' again.

It took about a month before I set foot in my dork cave as for awhile doing so made me depressed. But when I finally did, I saw my collection in a whole new light.

Looking at some of the statues I owned I had to ask myself, why did I buy that? Not that they didnt look cool, but they didnt have that 'extra' meaning behind it.

There was a time when every time a got a new statue or bust it was like a personal milestone. A goal that was finally reached.

So, I made the decision to sell off a good part of my collection and start anew.

My focus would be to buy those statues that I always wanted while I was in college but could never afford - heck, maybe even a bronze some day.

As I get a new statue etc. I will post a pic and explain why I bought the statue and how it fits in to what I already have. I will also post why I have sold certain items.

Feel free to comment at any time...this is an open forum after all

Plan for 2014

Want to try and get 1 of the following:
Bowen Valkyrie
Bowen Painted Surfer
Bowen Batman on Gargoyle (w. box!)
Bowen Hellboy Statue

We'll see what happens!

Check out my mom's Etsy shop.
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